Dr.Jobin Martin Sebastian,is a Plastic surgery resident, from Kerala.

I created this blog as a learning platform, stocks have been my passion for quite a long time now.They have been my companions, from 2007..It has been a rocky journey, with the 2008 stock market crash, which taught me some valuable lessons.I have been learning technical analysis from then, and the market has taught me that, if you can read the charts, there is no need to listen to the news.Charts will show you the way, Volume is the key and rest of the indicators can just be pointers in the direction of trade.

I have started picking 2 stocks daily based on technical analysis from January 2017 after starting this blog.Most of the picks have been performing in the way I expected them to.I will be posting my daily stock picks on this blog,so that you can suggest me any improvements to be made in the method of stock picking.

Bottom fishing has never been my way of trading, because you never know when the bottom will breakup.I try to buy stocks when they pierce through their ceiling,so that there is no resistance to the advancement of stocks.Let me know what you think of this blog,in the comments section.