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​2STOCKSDAILY is a blog, which deals with the indian stock market. NSE and BSE shares are thousands in number and difficult to track for most investors. I have been an investor for past 10 years, always trying to learn more from the mistakes I make. I always wonder how these people make loads of money while ordinary investors have to wait a lifetime to make any meaningful return. 

Fundemental and technical analysis are the two schools of thought which prevails among market experts. Fundemental analysts find good stocks and hold it for long term. Technical analysts are in this game to make a quick buck. I have gone through both these phases,  and found out that for people without patience and sound knowledge about a company,  fundemental investing is not suitable. 

My method of investing is using technical analysis to find great stocks in uptrend and find fundemantally strong stocks among them and play the waiting game. 


1. Find stocks which have broken through a strong resistance

2. Find stocks with favorable risk reward ratio.I personally favor stocks with RR>3

3. Find fundementally good stocks among them.

4. Make sure that there is no news or result pending.

5. Narrow down the list to 2 very best stocks.Stocks with high volume,low price(<200)

6. Hold if the stock moves in your intended direction.

7. Sell if it touches the SL level.

8. Do not become emotionally attached to any stock.

9. If there is no movement in the stock, exit within a week. 

10.Do not buy in a downtrending market, eventhough how tempting the stock maybe.

2 Stocks every trading day, will be enough to make a living. 

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