What is the minimum amount needed to start investing in stock market?

One of those things which keep people  from stock market is rumours.People often say, I don’t have much money to invest in stock market.So with how much money you can start investing?

The amount needed is surprisingly low.You can start investing in shares with as low as Rs.10.That amount is much lower than what you pay for a bathing soap! The thing to remember is that,Rs.10 when invested will yield you more return than if you had held on to it in your wallet. So the trick is to invest in small parcels,so that in the long run,these small amounts will pile up along with the returns  making you rich.

How much amount do you need for share trading?

This is an entirely different question.Trading and investing are entirely different.Trading means getting in and out of stocks in a short span of time.To be a successful trader,you need much more than what is needed for investing along with a lot of other tools to make decisions in realtime.So in my opinion you need atleast Rs.25 lakhs to be someone who trades for a living and strict discipline to get in and out of stocks within seconds.

So if you are trying to start investing in the stock market, don’t hesitate start a demat account,trading account with a trusted stock broker and start it right away,because the Indian markets are looking fabulous now and there is a lot of money to be made.

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