Which stocks to buy on 1 June 2017?

Midcaps and smallcaps have running again,as suggested in yesterdays post.The recommendations given on nifty within 1 week have been performing well.Jamna auto,which has been given multiple times,was suggested on as late as 30th may under Which are the stocks to buy on 30th May 2017? is still good to buy now.Maan aluminium suggested on 29 May under NSE stock recommendations for 29th May 2017 at 130 levels, has crossed 150 levels.So we can expect more fireworks today,even though GDP numbers have disappointed us, it was very much expected due to demonetization. Monsoon will bring the cheer to the market, and unexpectedly the markets may rise today,atleast midcaps and smallcaps.

So which are the stocks to buy on 1 June 2017?





2.Muthoot finance




There are many other stocks which are doing well out there.But our principle is to select fundamentally good stocks.Let us see how these pan out.Some of the stocks given previously are good too, you can check them out.Chambal fertilizers,Vguard industries,JM financial etc. will do good in the coming days.

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