Why no target prices are given on 2stocksdaily?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you can see that I only give the Last traded price and the Stop loss for all the NSE stock picks I have published on this blog.I have got many queries regarding the same.

why am I not giving targets for the given stocks?

The reasons for not giving target price is simple, by giving a target you will be exiting from a potential multibagger stock prematurely.You will not be able to maximize the profits by prematurely exiting from a stock.I will give some stocks which have given multifold returns in a short time.


FLFL was given on 6th January at a price of 141.8 now it is trading at 336.6.It has more than doubled in the meantime.

Edelweiss financial

This stock was recommended on February 23rd at a price of 128.1 now the price of this stock is 202.6.The stock had broken out from 60 levels,but unfortunately I hadn’t begun publishing this blog at that time.

V2 Retail

Given on 13th January,at that time I was giving multiple potential stocks to buy the price was 140.8 now it is trading at 234.05.I have given multiple entry points for this stock.


This stock was given on 21st march at 56.8, not it is trading at 106.

These are some of those stocks which have given good returns without a target point.There are any more stocks like this,which have given similar performance like Muthoot Finance,VIP industries etc.

What is most important in selecting a stock?

So the point is clear,the only important thing to remember while picking the right stock is Stoploss level.If the stock breaches the stoploss level, don’t think twice,sell it.

You can always keep a trailing stoploss to prevent the profit you have made from evaporating.You can learn from the case of Shilpi Cables, which has gone to great heights then falling like a stone and still falling.So keep one thing right(Stop loss) and nothing else can hurt you.

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